#97: Workplace Equity

DEI conversations are on the rise, but the discomfort discussing race persists. Meanwhile people striving for workplace equity face persistent challenges.


This episode explores the path to a more equitable workplace with Jenny Garrett OBE. As a diversity expert and author of Equality vs Equity: Tackling Issues of Race in the Workplace, Jenny shares her expertise on understanding the global majority, breaking down common barriers to equity, fostering empathy, and taking actionable steps towards creating inclusive environments.

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Episode Highlights

1:38 The importance of understanding the who the global majority is

5:32 Objective awareness helps make workplaces more equitable

8:08 Addressing privilege doesn't require the majority "to lose"

15:18 How majority can start to do their own work to educate themselves

18:42 Supporting people who want to support DEI but fear taking action

23:29 Bridging good intentions with meaningful action

29:33 Building literacy to talk about race and ethnicity

32:47 Creating long-term psychological safety to talk about DEI candidly

36:37 Correcting the misperception of powerlessness in making change

Jenny's view on the greatest unmet wellbeing need at work today

"I think that we just need space and time. Perhaps we've gotten into productivity overload. The global pandemic showed us that we can work from anywhere at any time. And that was great, but it's also really dangerous.

So, I think the well being need is for space and time where we don't have to be productive. And [related to] communication, [we need to] actually talk to each other, not just about key performance indicators and the next task, but also [asking] 'how are you? And how can I support you? And what do you need?' And having those kinds of conversations are a couple of things that would really help us in the workplace."

What “working with humans” means to Jenny

“It means to embrace the diversity that is all around us and to really enjoy it. So to not be frustrated by it, but to be to embrace it. And I think most of all, to be curious about each other, to ask those curious questions and to enjoy being curious. Always.”


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