Humans At Work with Michael Glazer

#61: Leadership and Small Brave Moves

When bravery and leadership are coupled together in everyday work situations, they create a competitive advantage for leaders. Nicole Bianchi, author of Small Brave Moves: Learn Why Little Acts of Bravery Are the Key to Life-Changing Leadership and Partner at Bravium Human Development, discusses what small brave moves are and how you can put them into action at work and in life.

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Connect: Nicole’s personal website

Read: Small Brave Moves: Learn Why Little Acts of Bravery Are the Key to Life-Changing Leadership

Episode Highlights

  2:38  Why Nicole wrote Small Brave Moves

  5:38  Two types of fear

  7:03  The difference between Bravery and bravery

10:02 The link between bravery and individual values

12:46 Small brave move: authenticity

15:37  Small brave move: straight talk

17:54  Everyday ways to practice straight talk

22:25  Using straight to get through to hard-to-reach colleagues

26:04 The spicy scale

29:31  Small brave move: being there for others

37:10  On “it's not personal, it's just business”

41:01  Advocating for your own needs at work


What Nicole sees as the greatest unmet workplace wellbeing need

“I don't think individuals are strong about advocating for their needs, being honest about their needs...So, [we need to be] honest, advocating and asking for what we need…And all three of those require us to be a little authentic and a little courageous. And, when I see somebody struggling, I’ll say, “ask for what you need. What is it that you need right now?” And get them to really think about it because if you're not willing to ask it, that need may just continue to go unmet. And you can't expect other people to see it necessarily. That's why we have to really own it for ourselves…That hope-driven mindset, it’s all about having that positive expectation for a better future. And if you are going to have a positive expectation for a better future, you play a role in that. And it means asking for what you need. And I think that is something that is just something we can all work on a little bit more of that is just an unmet wellbeing need.”

What “working with humans” means to Nicole

“It means to me that we are human, we are beautiful, we are complex, and that we have to remind ourselves, that achieving results – there's a human element of that, and that we have to be there for each other to lift each other up and to be able to lean in on each other while doing that.”

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