#101: Highlights from the First 100 Episodes

This special episode offers a reflective journey through eight of the most popular conversations from the first 100 episodes of Humans At Work. Starting with Zana Goic Petricevic's profound insights on workplace well-being, and ending with Judd Hoekstra's riveting story about handling pressure, this collection covers themes essential to professional and personal growth. You'll hear a fascinating take from Jessica Grossmeier about the state work workplace wellbeing, Geoff McDonald's influential perspective on mental health, Berta Aldridge's practical strategies against bullying, Bob Lefkowitz's unconventional views on success, Ruth Gotian's insights on mentorship, and Dorie Clark's advice on aligning daily life with long-term purpose. These conversations have resonated with listeners and shaped my thinking. I believe they'll engage, challenge, and inspire you as well.


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Episode Highlights

  •   1:48 Zana Goic Petricevic on Workplace Well-being and Unmet Needs
  •   4:40 Jessica Grossmeier on The Disconnect in Employee Well-being
  •   7:55 Geoff McDonald on Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Ill Health
  •  10:08 Berta Aldridge on Strategies for Handling Bullies at Work
  • 14:40 Bob Lefkowitz on a Key to Professional Success
  • 18:38 Ruth Gotian on Mentorship and Achieving Success
  • 24:25 Dorie Clark on Creating Whitespace and Playing the Long Game
  • 30:32   Judd Hoekstra on Handling High-Pressure Situations


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