Because you care about your career

Most people who aspire to grow professionally care deeply about their job performance, professional development and their careers. They also recognize that the right kind of support at the right time can help them reach their professional goals faster.

Michael is a certified coach who helps people take near-term action that leads to long-term value in performance and well-being. Michael specializes in working with mid-office professionals who lead across languages and cultures. Results his clients care about include:

  • Leading and influencing effectively in Japan
  • Navigating the cultural, structural and physical complexities of global work
  • Achieving a higher level of personal mastery
  • Meeting higher performance expectations after a promotion
  • Improving team performance
  • Getting buy-in for a new vision or large-scale initiative
  • Strengthening important workplace relationships
  • Coaching their own team members effectively
  • Raising the level of trust and collaboration among team members


Michael's purpose in life is to make well-being at work a globally-accepted, basic human right.

His client work spans 15 countries across four continents and focuses on coaching and training leaders to take care of people while also taking care of business. This is because well-being is strongly correlated to better work and firm performance, and leaders influence both.

He speaks English and Japanese and has worked with leaders at companies including Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Mitsubishi and many other publicly listed Japanese companies. Michael has also guest lectured at Kyoto University and at the United States Air Force Academy.

Michael’s coaching focuses on helping APAC-based professionals who lead across languages and cultures accelerate their paths to success. He has led leadership and coaching skills workshops for thousands of Fortune 500 professionals in the healthcare, IT, manufacturing, luxury brand, automotive, financial services, CPG and trading industries.

Prior to becoming a leadership coach and consultant, Michael served as commercial and global functional head at leading firms including Morgan Stanley, public relations firm Burson-Marsteller (now BCW) and Dell.

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Leadership coaching is a collaborative process, and Michael works one-on-one with you to equip you with the insights, knowledge and skills needed for you to grow your professional capabilities, improve your leadership effectiveness and achieve the organizational results that matter most to you.

Michael's style of coaching differs from consulting in that his primary role is not to provide expert advice, information, or solutions to your problems. Instead, you have the freedom – and accountability – to identify your own goals.

Coaching is a co-creative and equal partnership where Michael holds space for you to think, reflect, dialogue, experiment, and skill build. So, once you have articulated your goals, coaching conversations focus primarily on the present with the intent to help you discover your own path forward into a more desirable future.

The scope and design of each coaching engagement is customized for you and what you want to achieve through coaching. One-on-one coaching sessions can take place in person at your office or by videoconference.


Is Michael the right coach for me?

Michael works primarily with English-speaking leaders in Japan and Asia-Pacific who:

  • want to make a positive impact for themselves, the people they work with, their organizations and society.
  • are willing to accept support and try new things. 
  • are able to use their own knowledge and talents to change, make the time for coaching and communicate openly about the coaching process.
  • have a sense of what they would like to move through or be different around them.
  • accept that coaching is about increasing capacity and not about damage control.
  • understand that coaching is not a guarantee of achieving results.

What leaders say about Michael

"Michael is one of the best professional coaches I had the privilege to work side-by-side with." – Christina Dacauaziliqua, Executive Director at Morgan Stanley

"Michael was invaluable in helping me gain greater clarity and focus on key aspects of creating the future for my business. His 4-month program was flexible enough to take me out of my comfort zone, yet structured enough to ensure I got a set of actionable initiatives to implement over the course of a one- and five-year plan. I'm still implementing the plan but already seeing significant results thanks to our work together." - Scott Milano, Managing Director at Tanj

"Michael has been a true partner to work with. Each time we had a session, Michael helped me clarify my thoughts, and that led to actions and improvements toward reaching my goal." - Sudeep Adhikari, Senior IT Director, Richemont Japan Ltd.

"My sessions with Michael helped me rediscover a potential I've long forgotten about while busy running a company. His keen observations and insights helped me clarify and define my goals for my business, as well as for myself individually." – James Hashimoto, CEO at Bridge Consulting


Schedule a free 45-minute consultation. The conversation acts as a check to make sure Michael is the right coach for you. We will also talk about what you want to achieve through coaching, the coaching process, the length of your coaching program, fees and specifics about the coaching sessions.